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How Gale-Force Winds Affect Your HomeHow Gale-Force Winds Affect Your Home

We normally associate gales and storms with the winter. This year, though, has been a reminder that storms can hit us even at the height of summer — and that means we need to be prepared year-round to protect our homes.

The Dangers of Storms

One of the primary roles of your house’s structure is to protect you from the weather, such as high winds, heavy rain or cold. The walls, foundations, doors and windows play their part in this, but the brunt of the assault is borne by the roof, since it’s more exposed than the rest.

A storm can pose a number of dangers to your roof. High winds or heavy rain can damage individual slates or tiles, leaving them likely to let in water. Your gutters and downpipes can also be damaged by the wind, or else get clogged by debris being blown into them.

Checking Your Roof

If your home has been battered by a storm, it’s important to check the roof for potential damage as soon as possible. It may be possible to examine the tiles or slates from the ground, using binoculars. If the angle makes it difficult to see, you could climb a ladder to roof level for a closer look — but don’t go onto the roof unless you’re an experienced roofer.

You can also check for damage from inside. Go into your loft or attic during the day, with all lights switched off. If you see any points of light in the roof, this suggests you have gaps where water can get in and damage the timbers.

Checking Your Gutters

Your guttering should be checked on a regular basis, especially in autumn and spring, but high winds can give it a battering. The gutters or pipes may have sprung a leak, or else debris could have been blown into them and clogged them up. Either might result in water seeping down the walls, risking damage to both walls and foundations.

Ideally, its best to check the guttering close up, but other signs can suggest a problem. If you see water marks streaking the walls, or water pooling on the ground, it could well suggest a leak immediately above.

Fixing the Problems

If you’re an expert DIYer with experience of working at height, then you may be able to unclog your gutters or fix a small leak. Repairing roofing material, however, is always best left to professionals. If you suspect recent storms may have damaged your roof or gutters, you’re very welcome to get in touch.

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